L’Université de Montevideo est engagée dans l’excellence académique, la recherche, l’innovation technologique et la responsabilité sociale. Ses objectifs incluent la promotion d’une solide étique du travail et d’un esprit de service à la société.


Histoire (anglais)

The Universidad de Montevideo was launched in 1986 as the Instituto de Estudios Empresariales de Montevideo (IEEM) in the Uruguayan Stock Exchange building. It was a pioneer in offering Master´s Degree Programs in Business Law, International Trade Law, and Economic Administrative Law in Uruguay. In 1992, the IEEM Business School launched a Master´s Degree Program in Business Administration. Legally established as a non-profit organization, IEEM was authorized to operate as a private university when the Uruguayan government issued the decree 308/995 which established the requirements for the authorization and career recognition of private universities. Since then, the UM has grown and developed a solid national and international reputation based on its rigorous educational programs, renowned faculty, insightful publications and in-depth research projects. In 1995, the University expanded its offerings by introducing the first undergraduate degree in Business Administration. Today the Universidad de Montevideo offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees within five Schools, the IEEM Business School and the Center for Biomedical Science

Stratégie internationale (anglais)

The Universidad de Montevideo was born international. Since its inception, scholars across the world have come to teach and deliver cutting edge programs while providing new insights to Uruguayan education. In 1991, the University signed the first international partnership. Today it has agreements with first class universities worldwide. The Universidad de Montevideo seeks to be a leader in international education. It is committed to developing global citizens and leaders and to promoting research to increase the worldwide understanding of Latin America.

Campus (anglais)

The University’s main buildings are set in an attractive campus in the Parque Batlle area, surrounded by gardens and a large variety of trees as well as several noteworthy buildings and educational institutions. The University has several buildings in this area: the Office of the Rector, the School of Business Administration & Economics and the School of Communications, all located on Prudencio de Pena St. The School of Humanities and the Law School are on the same street but are independent from the main offices. The same is true for IEEM Business School which is on Lord Ponsonby. The UM campus includes a building on Luis Ponce street where the School of Engineering is located, and since 2011, premises in Carrasco on Puntas de Santiago St., for the Postgraduate Programs and the Center for Biomedical Sciences.